Controlling for beginner learners


Power is nothing without control!

That’s not only an old successful TV spot, it refers to one of the most important activities when you have to manage your business on line.

Why affording overall expenses or spending a lot of time in marketing research, if you aren’t able to check the figures produced?

First of all, you have to establish what kind of business: e-commerce, concerning material products sold or services rendered, or e-community, focusing on the amount of relationships.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a very wide literature about the first kind of business, while you need some help to create a number of leading indicators for the e-community model. So, that’s the first.

Next step involves the creation of the “User Churn Rate

UCR = new visitors / total visitors

where visitors are the so called “unique user” in a particular period.

The upward or downward trend of UCR must be compared with your investments in every kind of utility developed to guarantee your tracing on line: the ideal situation doesn’t exist, but you’ll have to change something if your expenses increase and your UCR goes wrong!

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